Bits & Pieces (5/2/12)

  • The New Liberalism? – Al Mohler writes an interesting article the looks at  megachurches, but even more so addresses the issue of whether we are tempted “to subvert the Gospel by redefining its terms” in order to make it more palatable to the cultural around us.


  • Free Audiobook – Christian Audio’s free book this month is Ken Sande’s Resolving Everyday Conflict.


  • Free book download – Logos’ free download of the month is A.W. Pink’s The Godhead of God.


  • The Case for Christian Education – Although written from a  particular denominational viewpoint, this is an informative article about what Christian education is, and is not, and why it’s important. (H/T)



  • A Scandalous Capitulation – Trevin Wax writes about an issue that I’ve seen throughout the blogosphere and gives a well-reasoned argument for why trying to uphold biblical values, while adhering to worldly mores, isn’t compromise but capitulation.

What do you think?