Bits & Pieces (5/15/12)

  • 6 Preaching Points – Tim Challies shares six points on preaching, and the preacher, from the apostle Paul. It’s worth reading whether you are a preacher, or you sit under the teaching of one.


  • An Interview with Josh Hamilton – Josh Hamilton appeared on Pardon the Interruption and although his approach may have been different than other well-known Christian athletes, this writer makes nine observations about how he represented Christ. (H/T)



  • Motherhood is Victory – A poignant post about being a Christian mother that includes this insight, “God does not tell us to desire the blessing of children because their cheerful voices will make our houses feel cozy. He tells us to desire children who will contend with the enemy in the gate.”


  • 12 Signs of Repentance – This is a helpful post to look at inward and see areas where we may have lacked real repentance.


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