Bits & Pieces (5/1/2012)

  • The Lost Sin of Envy – We don’t hear much about this sin anymore, but Tim Challies reminds us of its impact. After all, “There are only four people in the world before Envy shows up. Then there are three people in the world.”




  • Whose Life Is It? – I’m quick to admit that I don’t understand all the issues of digital protection, but I think this writer brings up a few important, and surprising points, about who truly owns the things we think are ours.


  • Ten Years, Ten Lessons – Kevin DeYoung writes about 10 lessons that he has learned in his ten years of marriage. I especially liked this insight “A marriage without humor is like oatmeal without brown sugar: it might still be good for you, but it’s basically congealed mush. If you’ve stopped laughing, you may have started hardening.”

What do you think?