Bits & Pieces (5/11/12)

  • Success, Envy & Sanctification – Tim Challies does a great job tackling the difficult question of why we might not be experiencing the success we long for in a certain area. It is, perhaps because God is keeping us from success that we can’t yet handle.


  • Unscriptural Defense – Denny Burk takes a look at how President Obama has used Scripture to support his personal position on the issue of marriage.


  • Ian & Larissa – Larissa Murphy has written two follow-up posts to the video on her marriage. The first titled “Why We Got Married” is a wonderful presentation of the beauty of the marriage covenant. The second, titled “Contentment in Suffering” helps remind us that, for the believer, contenment is found in Heaven’s nearness.


  • Always on Call – Motherhood is the first, and most important “on-call profession.” How can mothers manage this responsibility with godliness? This helpful quotation from Elisabeth Elliot shares how.


  • 4 Reasons – David Murray provides four reasons why it is important to remember the Creator in our youth.


  • Not Losing Heart – Mark Altrogge writes that the secret to not losing heart in the midst of trials depends on where you are looking.


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