Bits & Pieces (5/10/12)

  • The Unnamed Prophet – An important lesson based on the story in I Kings 13 about an unnamed prophet and his disobedience.


  • The Last Enemy – A reminder that we can not escape death, and yet, “even in the face of suffering and death, as a follower of Christ, I neither bury my head in the sand nor grope blindly in total darkness. With faithfulness and joy, I enthusiastically render service to my God.”


  • The Pastor’s Wife & Her Primary Ministry – Although written for pastors’ wife, I think this article is helpful for all wives. It is also beneficial to help frame our expectations for the wives of our pastors.


  • Regrets & God’s Sovereignty – Mark Altrogge writes that “though we may have to deal with long-lasting consequences of sin or bad decisions, we must put them in our sovereign God’s hands and trust he’ll work even our failures for our good and his glory.”  Which isn’t to suggest that we should avoid fighting sin, but does give some helpful perspective when we do succumb to it.


  • Five Reasons – In light of President Obama’s announcement yesterday, Kevin DeYoung provides five reasons why Christians should stand strong in fighting for a biblical definition of marriage.

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