Bits & Pieces (4/6/12)

  • I Am Barabbas – “As Jesus is delivered to death, and Barabbas is released to new life, we have the first substitution of the cross. The innocent Jesus is condemned as a sinner, while the guilty sinner is released as if innocent.” A poignant post for this Good Friday.


  • The Resurrection of Jesus as a Historical Event – Gary Habernas writes “No hypothesis has yet been able to viably explain the resurrection testimony in natural terms…..The evidence for Jesus’ resurrection appearances is defensible and very compelling, and it stands as the best indicator of the believer’s own future resurrection.”


  • Go To Dark Gethsemane – We often forget the heaviness and darkness of that night in Gethsemane. Kevin DeYoung reminds us of the anguish that was there.


  • The Neglected Resurrection – In sharing the Gospel, many Christians stop at Jesus’ death on the cross. This post exhorts us to remember the importance of the resurrection – both in justification and sanctification.



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