Bits & Pieces (4/5/12)

  • Stupid Wait Time – God doesn’t always fulfill His promises or His plans immediately. Sometimes we must wait. And in waiting we often learn a lot.


  • Remain Grateful – An short reminder that we are quick to lose gratitude for the very things that we once rejoiced at receiving. Instead, we should practice staying thankful.


  • Jesus as the Author of our Faith – What does it mean when Hebrews describes Jesus as the author of our faith? This post from Desiring God tackles this question.


  • The Creator on His Knees – A beautiful post about what happened on Maundy Thursday and how it was a parable of what would come.



  • Praying Past Preferred Outcomes – Our prayer lives are often punctuated by requests for the outcomes we have already determined would be beneficial. What if we let Scripture guide how we prayed instead? (H/T)

What do you think?