Bits & Pieces (4/19/12)

  • The Inerrancy of Scripture – This is a heady discussion on the inerrancy of Scripture and provides a deeper understanding of what this doctrine.  (H/T)


  • Rearranging the Furniture – We may try to define this life strictly in material terms, but the atrocities of this world don’t let us. Ravi Zacharias writes about what this means for our relationship with God.


  • Ashamed and Disappointed – Tim Challies writes a convicting post about how Christians feel about abortion and what they do about it.


  • Faith-Fueled Effort – A simple reminder of the many resources we have available to us, and an encouragement to put them to use!


  • Self-Esteem and Joy – Mark Altrogge reminds us that “we are most happy when we are not aware of ourselves. The happiest times in life are when we’re caught up in someone else – God.”


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