Bits & Pieces (4/18/12)



  • Taking Irritability Seriously – We often dismiss the sin of irritability as something that isn’t that big of deal. Paul Ryken shares why we should take fighting this sin seriously. (H/T)


  • Why We Need the Church – The author titled this post “The Gospel Is Insufficient” – I’m sure to get the type of reaction that causes people to pay attention. However, he does a great job explaining why Jesus didn’t just leave us with His message, He established His church to spread it. (H/T)


  • Can We Prove the Existence of God? – James Anderson looks at a particular “proof” of God’s existence, and also delves into a deeper discussion of proofs in general and whether they are necessary.


  • A Big Fat Lie of Satan – Stephen Altrogge reminds us that “Sin may be powerful but the Spirit is more powerful.”

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