Bits & Pieces (4/11/12)

  • Embodied Truth – Ravi Zacharias writes, “The battle in our time is posed as one of the intellect, in the assertion that truth is unknowable. But that may be only a veneer for the real battle, that of the heart.”


  • The Lion Awakes – A new film plans to depict J.R. Tolkien’s and C.S. Lewis’ friendship.


  • Reconciliation of All Things – In Colossians, Paul writes that God will reconcile all things to Himself. John Piper explains what this does, and does not, mean.


  • The Real Debate – Randy Alcorn shares a letter from Chuck Colson about the “contraceptive debate” and what it is really about.


  • The Creator is Still Creating – Mark Altrogge writes “The great Creator is still creating  – making his redeemed more and more into his own likeness every day” and shares why this should give Christians hope.


  • We Are Not Rock Stars – Although written for those who lead the church in worship music, this post is a great reminder for all believers that “we will never be more noticed, loved, cherished, accepted, validated, encouraged, and satisfied than we are in Christ. We will never have a greater identity than the one he has purchased for us on the cross.”

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