Bits & Pieces (3/30/12)

  • Rescued – A powerful story of a little girl who’s mom and dad loved her, but couldn’t make it work, the parents who adopted her and the God who provided her rescue. (H/T)


  • Charles WesleyĀ – Although he died over 200 years ago, this man who wrote nearly 9,000 hymns continues to have an impact on the church. Tim Challies provides an overview of resources to learn more about Wesley’s life.


  • Reading as a Lifetime Practice – This article from 1974 demonstrates the importance of reading and why teaching to read well may be the greatest lesson for an educator.


  • The Silent Violation of Our Time – We are familiar with what it feels like when people violate our personal space, but do we willingly accept violation of our times? Are we the chief culprit when it comes to such a infraction? Matt Connors takes on this discussion.


  • Prayer as Priority – A short article that reminds us that prayers “is the indispensible means by which we acquire and maintain our strength and spiritual vitality” and therefore we need to treat it was the priority it is.


  • Greater Than Our Hearts – To commemorate the anniversary of the death of Charles Wesley, Matthew Smith overs a free download of one of Wesley’s hymns. Only valid for today. (H/T)

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