Bits & Pieces (3/23/12)

  • Should I Divorce if I Am Miserable? – Dr. Russell Moore tackles an all-too-common question. The post includes this money quotation – “If you take the nuclear option of divorce off the table, you might find that you and your wife have more reason to seek help with your problems and make this work.” If you are married, know married people, or one day hope to be married, this is worth the read.



  • The Simple Message – A truly beautiful reminder that in our desires to understand deep theological truth, sometimes we tend to unnecessarily complicate the central message of the Gospel.




  • Economics for Everyone – Do you have a biblical perspective on the subject of economics? A new video curriculum helps to provide just that.


  • What Isn’t for Sale? – An informative post about the limits of markets and the public discourse (or lack thereof) about them. (H/T)

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