Bits & Pieces (1/2/12)

As mentioned earlier today, I’m working to add a new feature on this blog. The goal is that every weekday afternoon, I will provide a list of interesting links for your consideration. This is the first of these posts:


  • Remember – A short devotion for those entering the new year with a depleted supply of hope.
  • Teenage Resolutions: For Mom & Dad – John Piper shares resolutions that he wished he had made as a teenager in regards to how he treated his mother and father. Great for all of us who are blessed to still have parents in our lives.
  • Elizabeth II Rocks – I’m a bit behind on this, but this is a great post from a dear friend about how the Queen of England commemorated Christmas.
  • Bible Reading Plans for 2012 – A helpful list from Justin Taylor of different Bible reading plans. If your church has one, I encourage you to join them. If not, this list appears to be very thorough and you should be able to find something that will help you grow in God’s Word this new year.

~N.A. Winter

What do you think?