Bits & Pieces (1/19/12)


  • Dealing with the Doubting -This is a great article from Michael Patton on how to respond to those who are doubting their faith. If nothing else, it reminds us that there should be no glib answers and offers some more instructive responses.



  • Clayton Kershaw’s Mission of Hope – A great little story from yahoo about the Dodgers’ pitcher’s walk with God, and how he and his wife seek to bring hope to those who are hurting. (H/T)


  • On Doing Ordinary Things – Tim Challies reminds us of the fact that we won’t always be extraordinary (in fact most often we will not be), but we serve a God who specializes in turning ordinary into something profitable for His Kingdom.


  • 9 Keys to Reaching College Students – I love college students, so I love tips for how to reach them with the Gospel. Here are 9 great suggestions on how to do so more effectively.






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