Bits & Pieces (1/18/12)

  • A Plea to Not Grow Weary – John Knight reminds us that even if the fight is long, we must not grow tired of engaging in it, if doing so brings glory to our King.
  • The Grace of God in Every Book of the Bible – This is cool. It’s a list of how we can see God’s grace on display in every book of the Old Testament and then includes a link to the same thing for the New Testament. Worth checking out to remember how gracious (and creative in dispensing grace) our God is.
  • Salt of the Earth – What did Jesus mean by this oft-quoted, but maybe little understood, description of His followers?
  • Justification and Violence – When we aren’t willing to accept that justification comes by faith alone, we are bound to look for substitute ways of bearing our guilt.

What do you think?