Bits & Pieces (10/1/12)

Scripture & Government – Tim Challies shares five things that Scripture teaches about government.


Preparing for Marriage – Are you or someone you know preparing to get married? Desiring God is offering a free eBook on the subject.


On Fighting Worldliness & Fruit Flies – A reminder that the little lusts for this world can consume us, and we have to diligently fight them lest they reap destruction.


In Evil Long Took Delight – A beautiful poem by John Newton.


Free ESV New Testament Dramatized Edition – As Justin Taylor states, I don’t know how long this will last, but you can get a free copy of an audio edition of the ESV New Testament at Amazon.


When Trials Come – “When the trials do come, we should let them teach us. We should use them as a time to get underneath our emotions, to see what we have valued above God and his glory. We need to see what is being threatened that we don’t want to live without. Then we can move forward, taking comfort in the fact that we now know God better.”




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