Bits & Pieces (10/11/12)

Flying Nones – Michael Horton shares his thought on the recent Pew Research Center report that showed a rise in those who identify “none” as their religious affiliation. Dr. Russell Moore also gave his take on the report here. One money line from Dr. Moore – “Frankly, we should be more concerned about the loss of a Christian majority in the Protestant churches than about the loss of a Protestant majority in the United States.”


Christianity & Celebrities –  This is an intriguing post about our response when a “celebrity” identifies themselves as a Christian and our acute response to such news. As the author concludes, “From Denzel to doormen, janitors to jazz musicians, Tebow to truckers, God is less interested in his people doing “extraordinary” things (as the world would define them) and more interested in his people doing ordinary things with extraordinary faithfulness and obedience.”


A Good Dad is Hard to Find – I’m so grateful that I had a good dad, but this post is a poignant reminder that many people don’t. This post helps us remember why the fact that a good earthly dad may be difficult to come by is important to keep in mind when we share the Gospel.


The Gospel for Misfits – “But the gospel isn’t about misfits finding a safe niche. It’s about the unfit being made fit to enter the presence of God.”


The Importance of Repentance  – “The importance of repentance cannot be overestimated for true biblical religion. There is no gospel, there is no heaven, and there is no Christianity without the call to repent.”


Desiring Happiness – “So there are two ways to speak of seeking happiness. One is to say we seek theexperience of happiness. Another is to say we seek what will give us that experience. If you keep this in mind, you will not call someone an idolater who wants happiness above all experiences. But you will know what to ask him next.”



What do you think?