Bits & Piece (9/10/12)

I’m still catching up from recent events, so here is a shortened Bits & Pieces.

  • You Waste Time – An infographic on how time is wasted at work, including a list of the top-three time wasters. Any guesses on what they are? (H/T)

  • How Do You Explain the Trinity to Children? – “…[W]e ought to boldly say to our children, ‘God is One and God is three. I can’t fully explain all of that because that’s how big and mysterious God and his ways are. Isn’t that wonderful?’ When your child says, ‘That boggles my mind,’ don’t respond with a worried handwringing but with a twinkle in your eye. ‘I know!’ you say. ‘Me too! Isn’t that wild, and great!’

What do you think?