Bits & Pieces (5/17/12)

  • Mercy & Justice – “Part of the reason why we are disinclined to recognize our own need for mercy may be due to the fact that our clamor for justice, however impassioned, is almost always skewed in our favor.”


  • Love Covers A Multitude Sin – We know that love covers a multitude of sins, but we also know that there are clear Scriptural principles that teach sin needs to be addressed. Tim Challies looks at when we can overlook at sin, and when, and how we should address sin.


  • Means of Grace – David Mathis writes about three means of sanctification and how they play a role in restoration and growth


  • How’s Your Time Trending? – Although this is just the opening post it what will be a series, Nicole Whitacre at girltalk asks an important question about how we use our time and reminds us that it is easy to pursue good things at the expense of the best things.


  • Why Hunger Games is Flawed – I haven’t read the books or seen the movie, but for those who have, this post about how this popular series misunderstands humanity may be of interest.


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