Beautiful & Complete

I like completing things. As I’ve written about before, I’m a big fan of a to-do list, but I’m an even bigger fan of crossing things off that list. If I have a disagreement with someone, I always desire it to come to a specific and agreed-upon resolution, even if that resolution is just to agree to disagree. Projects that remain undone, chores that remain unfinished, opportunities that aren’t fully taken advantage of, leave me disappointed.

Yet, what I’ve learned is that this life will never completely satisfy this desire. Because the moment that things are truly completed, will be the moment that I’m in Heaven. At that point, my Savior and my God will bind up all the loose pieces of this life – the frayed fabric and the splintering ends, and reveal the beautiful masterpiece that He is creating with it. He is taking the things that I don’t understand, the moments that leave me saddened, and the “insignificant” ways in which I chose to obey Him (and not my own desires), and using them to create something that is far grander than anything I could ever even attempt. His ways are not my ways, and so in the things I question and in the incompleteness of this life, Hs is completing something beautiful; something that will make all the unanswered questions and disappointed feelings more than worth it.

Because He is worth it. Ā 

What do you think?