Worship Where You Are

We have dear family friends that were missionaries for 10 years. Upon returning to the States, I remember the matriarch of the family sharing with me a lesson that she taught her kids. They spent those 10 years in several different countries and often they would move to a new place before they learned the language. Despite not understanding the content of a church service, they still faithfully attended. The perspective was that “God tells us to go to church so that’s what we are going to do.” It didn’t matter whether you could understand the pastor or sing along with the songs, you could still worship.

It’s a lesson that has stayed with me. Although I have rarely been to a church service where I didn’t understand the words, the overarching message has changed the way that I view church, and worship. Church isn’t about me; church is about God. Worshiping Him is not dependent upon my circumstances, but Who He is. Therefore, regardless of whether I like the sermon or not, whether the set list was filled with my favorite songs or those that I do not favor, or whether I’m driving in a car, talking to my friends, or a thousand other things that I do, worship exists; I just need to join in with what Creation is already doing and worship my Savior.

God doesn’t change depending on our circumstances, and neither should our praise and adoration of Him. So wherever we are, we can worship.


Have you experienced the joy of worshiping God wherever He places you? What have you learned from that?


Postscript – The dear friend who taught me this lesson is having an operation today to remove a large tumor that was discovered last week. Please join me in praying for a successful surgery and a complete recovery. Our God is a big God who saves and who heals.


What do you think?