While We Wait

Please enjoy the music while your party is reached.

This refrain became popular as phone companies began providing people with the opportunity to select music that their callers would hear rather than the traditional ring tone. It offered the caller a unique and hopefully more pleasant waiting experience, and it offered the receiver a chance to exert their personality to whomever may call.  Instead of just waiting for the anticipated answer, now the caller had something to do to occupy their time.

In the Christian life, it often seems like we do a lot of waiting. Whether it’s waiting to see how God will work through a particular situation, or waiting for our Heavenly Home, we spend a lot of our journey in anticipation of what’s coming next. However, just like the popular cell phone refrain, we shouldn’t be spending our wait time doing nothing. We should be using that time to glorify God, to work for Him, and in doing so, bringing Him worship.
As a song by John Waller says:

While I’m waiting

I will serve you

While I’m waiting

I will worship

While I’m waiting

I will not faint

I will be running the race

Even while I wait.

May the same be true of us. May we not squander our wait time, but may we “keep on, keeping on” knowing that in the waiting, we can worship, and in the worship, our waiting becomes a beautiful thing.


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  1. As Jesus gave His disciples their marching orders before He ascended so we also have a job to do until He returns or He takes us home. May we be faithful in using the talents He has given us for His glory. Nicely said.

    1. Oh! I meant to put that about the “marching orders” in the post. (The fact that all of His commands in the Great Commission were action verbs.) Thanks for making sure it got included as part of the discussion. 🙂

  2. Amen. Working while we wait is also a great way to have faith in God. For faith is belief in action. If we cam work even while we wait on God, then we communicate that we are confident that God is “working everything for good”. We are confident in the plan of God when we see even the periods of waiting as part of His perfect plan and opportunities for the good works He predestined us for, “that we should walk in them.” (Romans 8:29; Ephesians 2:10)

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