The Pick Up Game

We’ve all seen the kid who has played the “pick up” game. For those who need a refresher, the game comes something like this.

1) You give a baby a toy.

2) The baby drops the toy.

3) You pick up the toy.

Then you repeat the cycle until one of you gets bored.

And while the game may seem remedial and a little silly, we often do the same thing with God.

We ask God for something.

He gives us a good gift.

But instead of treasuring the gift He gave us, we thrust it to the floor.

  • We mistreat our loved ones.
  • We neglect to serve His church.
  • We use our talents for our own purposes.

When we do this, sooner or later we realize that we’re no longer holding the treasure we so desperately wanted. We’ve thrown away what’s good for empty pleasures.

And sometimes, in His grace, He picks it back up again.

  • He restores relationships.
  • He provides opportunities to serve.
  • He uses our talents for His good purposes.

And we realize that the best place to leave the treasure, is in His loving hands.

Now it’s your turn…

Practically, how do you show that you’ve placed your treasures in God’s hands?


  1. “Practically, how do you show that you’ve placed your treasures in God’s hands?”

    I think by being generous with what you have. By freely giving, you demonstrate that you have complete confidence in God’s provision for you.

What do you think?