Stand Still Hope

There are seasons where time seems to stand still.

Nothing is moving forward.

Where you want there to be progress, there is delay.

Where you want there to be growth, there’s stagnation.

Where you want there to be change, there’s more of the same.

These seasons are hard to contend with. We know what we long for and yet it’s out of our grasp. We can anticipate what it will be like when our hearts desires  are fulfilled but we don’t know when or how we will get them. We see what could be, but it seems overwhelmed by what is.

And through all of this, God is working.

When time seems to stand still, He’s moving.

When there are delays, He’s making opportunities.

Where we see the same, He’s making us different.

Because when nothing seems to be happening, God is still actively and intentionally bringing about His purpose.

This is why that in the stillness, we have hope. Because we know what awaits us on the other side. We know that what He’s working towards is ultimately what the Christian desires – to be used by Him to bring Him glory.

And that’s always worth the wait.


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