Since I’ve spent the majority of my life living in California, I’m pretty used to earthquakes. I know what it is like for the pictures to begin shaking, the earth to begin rolling, and the momentary calculation of wondering how long it’s going to last. I can quickly figure out where the nearest door jam is, and have perfected the maneuver to protect my neck should things start falling. Because of all this, an earthquake very rarely rattles my nerves. In fact, I’ve been known to sleep through many of them, much to the chagrin of my sister who would succeed in waking me up right as they ended.

However, despite my relative calm, earthquakes are not something to be taken lightly. Due to the recent earthquake in Japan, we are all well too familiar with the damage and destruction that they can cause. Not only do buildings and roadways cease to hold their form, but even the land itself reportedly moved as a result of the recent quake. It takes a very strong force to literally adjust the landscape of our globe and yet an earthquake can do that.

Unlike the layout of the Earth, however, our God has promised that His kingdom is unshakable. There is no force that can cause Him to move or that will alter His plans. The world around us may crumble, yet He is a strong tower that the righteous may run into and be safe.  He will not buckle under force, nor does He sway with the currents or tremble at evil; He remains.

And because of this, regardless of the rattle and rolling that our lives may be experiencing, we need too, need not be shaken.


  1. Love this!

    One of the pastors at The Voice of the Martyrs’ Conference said “When God shakes your life, let it shake.” Somehow this post reminded me of that.

    I guess it works both ways. We can be confident in God’s unshakeable-ness, and we can also say that when He causes the ground to move under our feet, we can know that it’s for His glory and our good! =)

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