Sensible Sacrifice

“Go Big or Go Home”

It’s a phrase and a mindset that has permeated our culture.

In a world of “Extreme Home Makeover” and “Biggest Loser,” we honor and acclaim those who take great measures to achieve a desired goal.

Except when it comes to Christians.

Followers of Christ who are fully committed to live for Him are often derided by such phrases as “holier than thou,” “radical”, “too heavenly-minded to do any Earthly good”  and the ever-popular “Jesus Freak.”

Even when they do good, they can be accused of being “generous to a fault” as if somehow giving things away condemns them.

But Scripture tells us that giving our all for Him is not only good, it’s entirely proper; it’s what we should do. After all, He gave everything for us.

So living a life totally committed to Christ is not exceptional, it should be normative for those who call themselves Christians.

And giving everything to Him, sacrificing our all, is not radical, it’s reasonable.

In fact, it’s the only sensible thing to do.


  1. Love this!

    I like that many Christians have embraced the once derogatory terms like “Jesus Freak” and owned them for themselves. It shows the world that they can mock and deride us all they like, but their derision becomes our glory! =)

    More of us need to embrace the reasonable thing: radical Christianity.

  2. I agree with Sadie. May we all loudly proclaim that we are Jesus Freaks. Better yet may our actions be such that they proclaim it for us.

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