Remembering Grace

He has caused his wondrous works to be remembered; the LORD is gracious and merciful. – Psalm 111:4

Over the last year, memories have played a crucial role in my life. Memories of my dad have been at the forefront, as I recall the wonderful father and exemplary man of God that he was. However, beyond just these poignant memories have been reminders of how God has worked even in the midst of our sadness. As we faced new trials, it was these memories that propelled us to keep walking forward. It was the recollection of God’s acts of grace – from thanksgiving for our assured salvation to His provision of comfort to the airline ticket we needed at just the last minute – that prompted us to continue to look towards Him even when we thought we couldn’t handle yet another thing. We recalled how He had provided, and trusted that He would provide again.

And while I’m so grateful for these moments that I can look back on, Psalm 111 tells us that even these memories are an act of God’s grace. As the verse states “He [emphasis mine] has caused his wondrous works to be remembered…” It’s easy to think that I’m bringing up these memories, that I’m encouraging myself through looking back on what God has done. But this verse says that this looking back is not from me. These memories, these recollections of graciousness are in themselves an act of love, because they point us back to Him.

What a precious and loving God we serve, that He not only provides His grace, but He causes us to recall His provision, and trust anew in Him.


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