Reason to Rejoice

We find all sorts of reasons to celebrate. There are the common ones like birthdays, graduations, and holidays. We also celebrate first days of school, sports victories (even when we aren’t the ones playing), and science fair wins. In America, we even get festive about something called “Groundshog’s Day” – where a furry underground creature is supposed to predict the arrival of Spring! We are a celebratory people.

However, we only tend to celebrate when we think something has happened that’s worthy of celebration – when there’s an event that demands a response. Most days, people are complaining about their lives, not celebrating what’s happening in it. As much as we like festive occasions, we don’t carry that same spirit into our every day lives.

Christians, however, know that there is also a reason to celebrate. Even when there are bad things happening in our lives, we can rejoice that the Lord is on His throne. We can celebrate that God –  the perfect, holy, loving and just God that we serve – is the One who holds the Earth in His hands, and is organizing and arranging things according to His good purpose.  Our lives aren’t happening by chance, nor is there someone less worthy (like ourselves) in charge, but instead, the fact that He is reigning over all gives us cause to celebrate, even when there is not much else in our lives that seems worthy of joy.

Psalm 97:1 states, “The LORD reigns,let the earth rejoice; let the many coastlands be glad!” The Psalmist realizes that there is cause for celebration. If the waves and seas can find gladness in the fact that God is on His throne, than shouldn’t we? After all, we know that God is not only in control, but is also lovingly concerned with our lives. Shouldn’t we consider this a reason to rejoice?


What do you think?