Perfect Timing

Recently, I wrote an email to a colleague that I had been putting off for awhile. There was a looming project, and as is sometimes the case, I was hesitant to tackle it before I knew I could really devote the time to seeing it through to completion.ย  Additionally, since I knew the project could potentially cause some uneasiness, I was mindful of the fact that along with the actual work involved, there might be relationship building that accompanied it as well.ย  As I carefully crafted the email, I hoped that it would be well received. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise when the response I got back was “Perfect timing! I had just been thinking about this!”

As I relished in my good fortune that God had aligned the timing of my email writing, with the timing of the other individual’s thought patterns, I was reminded again of how, in most things, timing really is everything. Something that can be a bad idea at one time, could be the best idea at another. Words that will be brushed aside, can be well received if the person is ready to listen. The circumstances often determine the success of the venture.

The truly amazing part is that God’s timing is never in error. He knows just what we need, when we need it, and He faithfully provides that to His children. He cares for the details of our lives and aligns our circumstances to for His glory. In the moments when I can’t understand why things are happening the way that they are, I can rest in the fact that God is orchestrating His plan, and that through His timing, He’s bringing about His will.

It’s a truly amazing thing, to know that regardless of my understanding of why things happen when they do, I can trust in the One who not only understands, but who is using the hands of time for His purposes.

I’m grateful that God arranged it so that my email was well received, but I’m even more grateful that with God, His timing is always perfect.


  1. Yes! May I say this came at just the right time for me! =)

    Remembering to trust in His perfect timing!

    Thanks Natalie!

  2. Great blog, Natalie! I can trust him because he fully understands all things I’m confused about and he is the one flawlessly orchestrating his perfect will. Great encouragement to read today!

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