More To Do

I’m a big fan of to-do lists. When I start a project they tell me what I have to accomplish; later they tell me what I’ve already completed, and what I have left to do. They keep me organized – letting me know what I should work on next, and they provide a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when I can cross things off the list. Like many people, I often have a lot going on, and to-do lists help me make sure that everything that needs to get done gets completed.

There are times that I wish God gave me a to-do list – a specific set of projects that He wants me to complete. I would guess I’m not alone. Although keeping His commands should be on all of our lists, we often wish some of the more personal decisions in life were a little clearer – Where should I live?  Where should I work? Who should I marry?  What ministry should I serve in at church? The answers to these questions are different for different people and a divine to-do list would certainly help make the decisions easier.

But God rarely works like this. God doesn’t specifically lay out in advance all the things that He has planned for our lives. Instead, His children know this; if we are still here, there are still things on our list that He still wants us to do.

I was reminded of this recently. As I’ve written about previously (here, here and here), I have a dear friend who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. What I hadn’t yet shared on this blog is that within three days of her diagnosis, my friend’s health took a sharp decline to the point that we all said our good-byes. There was sadness in those farewells as we knew we would miss her, but there was also hopefulness as we knew that she was not only prepared, but eager to be in the presence of her King. She was ready for Heaven, and it appeared that Heaven was ready for her.

However, through a series of what can only be described as providential events, a day after saying our goodbyes she was alert enough to see a specialist who scheduled surgery. The surgery was successful, the prognosis hopeful, and my friend is still with us today. While just like with every person, we don’t know how long we have with her, we are grateful for the “extra innings.” However it’s hard not to feel that perhaps she got the short-end of the deal. She was at Heaven’s door, yet God had her stay here. And the only reason I can think that would be is that there are still things on this side of Heaven for her to do. There are still works that God wants to use her to complete.

And if you’re reading this, the same is true for you.


Now it’s your turn: 

How should knowing that God has things He wants to accomplish in and through us change  how we live our lives?


  1. We should get busy doing them. We should prayerfully seek what those things are and get busy !!! Even if He has to hit us over the head. ( I know you will understand that.) How great it will be to know our to-do list is done and He has called us home.

  2. This is my first visit to your site and I must say, it’s fantastic! This post says very clearly what we all know that your friend is experiencing right now. She was excited to meet the Lord in person and was fully prepared to do so. She was literally standing st the threshold of the Pearly Gates when she was abruptly sent back to earth. I knew as I was personally begging the Father to let us keep her here for a while longer that my request was selfish. But I rest my troubles on the fact that God has a plan and not even our greatest prayers can change that. This particular cup was removed from your friend’s hand-at least for now. (or was it OUR hands?) But i also share in your thinking that your friend may have gotten the “short end of the stick?” In response I’m praying that she discovers (and takes comfort in) the “to do” list that God still needs her to complete.

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! I’m going to echo your prayer that she “takes comfort in the to do list that God still needs her to complete.” May God graciously reveal to her His continued plans to bring Him glory through her.

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