Missing Out

As a kid, I distinctly remember hoping that Jesus didn’t return before certain milestones had been reached in my life.

  • – I wanted to be an adult.
  • – I wanted to be married.
  • – I wanted to be a mom.

While I knew intellectually that Christ’s return would fill me with great joy, I felt that I would be missing out on other things if He returned “prematurely” – at least from my perspective. It was as if I put the joy of Christ’s return into a “spiritual” category and while I knew it would be great, it wouldn’t be like all those other things.

And I was right.

Sort of.

The joy of Christ’s return won’t be like all those other things – it will be so much greater. It’s in such a different category of wonderfulness that it can’t even be compared to those good things on this Earth that I so cherish. I neglected to see that those things, while good, are poor representations of how good it will be when I am with my Savior. I shouldn’t be wanting those things, and then Christ’s return. Instead, I should be focused on the day that I’m with Him.

In truth, regardless of when I see Him, whether because He returns or because He calls me home, there will doubtless be things on this Earth that I was looking forward to. But I won’t be feeling the pain of missing those things. Instead, what I will be  “missing out” on are the sorrows of this world, the sin that so easily entangles, and relationships that while good, are subject to fractures. And I will be celebrating the dearth of these things and rejoicing in their antithesis. The things that I am “missing out” on will be cause for joy. And I will experience the greater joy of being with my King.

And ultimately, that’s what I should be looking forward to anyway.


What do you think?