Locked In

We’re awfully protective of our stuff. We have alarms and locks to make sure that no one can get what’s not rightfully theirs. We set up security systems to try and catch anyone who tries to outsmart these security measures. One of the first words that most kids learn is “mine.”

It’s not unusual then, that for the Christian, they may wonder if the joy that Christ gives them can also be stolen away. Circumstances and challenges threaten to take the peace we have in Him and replace it with worry and anxiousness. Will our confidence in Christ remain regardless of what this world throws at us?

What the Christian must remember is that our joy and peace isn’t from this world, and so the world has no ability to strip it from us. As the Newboys sing in their song Joy [affiliate link]- “The world don’t give it and the world can’t take it away.” Our assurance in Christ is a gift from Him; therefore the world has no power over it. As one of my friend would say “It’s locked in” -regardless of what happens we can rest assured that  He will continue to provide the peace that we need.

This means we need not fear any robbery of that which really matters – our joy and confidence in Christ. And if we have no need to fear the loss of what matters, we have no need to fear the loss of anything else.


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