Living In Anticipation

The day before a vacation is always an interesting one. We rush around trying to complete everything that we need to get done so that we can enjoy the festivities. We look forward to what the following days will hold. We talk about our plans – what we will enjoy, what we will do, and what we expect  – and these discussions often fuel our desire for the coming holiday to approach even faster. Anticipating what comes next helps motivate us to do accomplish what we need to do today.

The same is true in our Christian walk. Looking solely at the trials and challenges of this Earth can fill us with dredge, much the same way that our never-ending to-do list can beget the same thing. However, for those that are Christ’s, looking forward to what comes next should motivate us to be about the work that God has called us to today. In the business world, it’s well known that that the days before a vacation are some of the most productive ones as people hurriedly try to clear their desk of lingering issues. For God’s children, knowing that He may call us Home at any moment should prompt us to heartily embrace what He has called us to while we are still here.

While this sounds easy enough, this type of anticipatory living can be difficult. The reasons holidays and vacations are so motivating is that we have clear expectations of what they will be like, and we can rightly anticipate when they will get here. Waiting for Eternity at times feels like it takes an eternity and many Christians haven’t taken the time to rightly understand the benefits of Heaven. Consequently, we fail to fully appreciate what we have to look forward to. However, unlike too many vacations, when we are called to depart from this Earth, Heaven will not meet, but will exceed, our feeble expectations. There will be no disappointments, no hassles, and no delays. We will be in the presence of our King. And that fact alone should prompt us to be about His work and to live this life for His glory.


How can we be more intentional about living in anticipation of what Heaven holds?


What do you think?