Little Things

They say that in relationships its the little things that matter. Anyone can do a grand gesture once or twice, but it’s the daily demonstrations of love that display our commitment. The encouraging word, the comforting hug, the unmitigated support –  these are the things that truly count. The extravagant gift will soon fade from our memory, but the daily demonstrations will keep relationships strong.

It is much the same way in our relationship with God. It’s easy to make the proclamation of drastic steps we will take for His kingdom’s purpose. It’s less easy to actually enact them. However, it’s often the small, daily sacrifices that are a clearer indication of our commitment. It’s not responding in anger when someone cuts us off on the freeway. It’s giving grace to the seemingly flustered store clerk. It’s these little things, these everyday occurrences, where we don’t feel the pressure of being “on display” that actually do display our growing love for our Savior.

As Francois Fénelon stated:

It is only by fidelity in little things that the grace of true love to God can be sustained, and distinguished from a passing fervor of spirit…

No one can well believe that our piety is sincere, when our behavior is lax and irregular in its little details. What probability is there that we should not hesitate to make the greatest sacrifices, when we shrink from the smallest?(Selections from Fénelon).

May we strive to do the little things well for God – knowing that it’s the little things that are often the greater indication of what our hearts treasure.  In doing so, may our commitment to doing the big things well also increase.

Join in…why do you think it’s important to do the little things well?


  1. So important to do the little things well – as was stated in your piece – if you don’t do the small things well what is the chance that you will do the big things well. You develop habits and attitudes with the small things and that carries over into the bigger aspects of our life. Two things popped into my mind. One where Jesus says he who is faithful in little will be given much. And the song from when you were little “Little is Much”. Jesus cares how we do the little things and so should we.

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