Joining In

When you’re a kid one of your worst fears is to be excluded from a group. We want desperately to be approved of, cared for, and connected with other human beings. We feel validated when we are asked to join in on whatever activity is going on, especially if it’s something that we want to be a part of.


It’s funny how not much changes when we get older. The stakes may be higher and the exclusions commenced under a greater pretense of politeness, but really, we still want to feel like we belong – like we are part of the “cool crowd.”Β  We want to feel like we are a part of something that’s important.

Yet for the Christian we know that the truly important things are not things of this world but things of Heaven. So we may feel that we can’t join in on what matters, that we have to wait until another time when we will be in our Heavenly home.

Except that we can. Because the business of heaven is worshiping God. However imperfect and faulted this world may be, we can still set our hearts and minds upon bringing Him praise. Not just through music (although that is certainly one great way to worship), but through how we live.

And perhaps this is even greater encouragement for those who have a loved one who has already gone to be with the Lord. Although it can feel like there is a great divide between us and them, we can participate in the same thing that they are doing- praising our King. We don’t have to wait until we are there with them – we can begin giving Him adoration and honor now.

So let us add our own voices to the heavenly chorus. Let our lives be focused on the same thing of those who are enjoying eternal life. Let us join in worshiping our Lord.


For a great song that touches on this, check out Sovereign Grace’s The Glories of CalvaryΒ [affiliate link].


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