Here to Serve

Since I live in Southern California, I get the opportunity to go to Disneyland frequently. Although there is assuredly much to be criticized about “The Happiest Place on Earth” one thing that they do exceptionally well is train their employees. The people who work there, Disney calls them “cast members,” are steeped into the Disney way of doing things. They are focused on creating a “magical” experience for their guests. For all the times I have been there, I can’t think of a single instance where a cast member was rude to me. It doesn’t matter if I’ve interrupted what they’re doing or even if there are many other people clamoring for their attention, they always stop to provide the requested help. Seemingly their focus in on making sure that my day at Disneyland is a good one.

Disney isn’t the only company with this intense preoccupation with service. Many other companies such as Nordstrom &  Apple are not content with simply selling customers a product.  They are fanatical about serving their customers with excellence. As a result many of these companies are among the most celebrated today. As a recent quote I saw on Twitter and attributed to Blake Nordstrom said, “”For 62 yrs, all we sold were shoes. Being on your knees fitting shoes teaches you servant leadership.” If you serve people well in humble, and sometimes humility ways, you’re bound to serve them well in all other ways too.

I was reminded of all this when recently, I thanked a young man at our church for filling in at the last minute, and he aptly replied “Here to serve.”  It was a poignant reminder of what our mindset as Christians should be. Just like the employees at Disneyland, Apple and Nordstrom view it as their job to provide exceptional service to those they encounter, so should our objective be as Christians. The only reason we remain on this Earth is to serve our Father here – and to do so by serving those that He created. Our focus then shouldn’t be on protecting our interests or staking or claim, just like the Disney cast members aren’t focused on simply getting their task done. Instead, we should have fanatical preoccupation with serving others. We should view our job as being “here to serve.”

This means that when we’re called to pinch hit, we don’t see it as an inconvenience but an opportunity. It means that we don’t look for a reason why we have to do something, but we proactively search for creative ways that we can improve somebody else’s day.  We’re doing our “job” when we’re serving someone else.  It is the reason why we’re here. It’s what we’ve been tasked to do.

After all, it’s what our Master was about and it’s our goal to live lives more like His.


Who is someone that you know that is “here to serve?” How do they demonstrate this commitment?


  1. WOW – that is easy – I think of you. Pinching in to give the talk at NM on very short notice !!! And I know you will do an excellent job!!! And that is an example of how you live your life. You are constantly there for your young ladies in your small group. And we as your family can always count on you.

  2. Being a church made up of “highly committed participants” I am blessed to be able to name many who have the “here to serve” attitude! Praise God for the work He does through CBC!!

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