Here I Am

Walk into a classroom in the middle of a day, and you’ll hear shouts of “Here!” as the teacher marks down who is in attendance.

Enter a house filled with children and you’ll witness the same shouts as parents try to find out where their children are and what they’re up to. Sometimes you’ll hear parents making the proclamation as children try to locate them.

If you think about it, whether at school or at home, “here” is kind of an odd response. It doesn’t give the person who is asking a ton of information. Just a simple acknowledgment of the person’s presence.

Yet throughout Scripture, we see a similar statement repeated frequently.

When Samuel is being called by God in His sleep, He responds per Eli’s instructions “Here I am.” (I Samuel 13:4)

When Isaiah hears God’s cry for someone to send, He also replies, “Here I am.” (Isaiah 6:8)

And when Ananias is called by God to go see Paul, formerly Saul, the persecutor of Christians, he too says, “Here I am.” (Acts 9:10)

Such a simple yet profound statement of willingness to be used.

First, the statement acknowledges where the person is. It indicates that the person is waiting, listening for God. “Here” is where they are – not in a corner “hiding” from God, not somewhere where they shouldn’t be, but “here” standing ready to listen.

Then the statement indicates their personal response. “I” am here. I am waiting to hear what God has called me to. I stand alone before God, and it is my desire to be used by Him, even if none go with me.

And then the last word – “am” – the condition of being. The person doesn’t list their abilities, or provide their resume – they simply are. And who they are is being offered up to their God.

It’s what should be the cry of every Christian’s heart. Three words that demonstrate not only our location, but the direction we are heading.

Lord, Here I am – ready to be used for whatever purpose You have planned.”


What do you think?