“Why in the world would someone do that?”

It’s a question I find myself asking all too often. Whether it’s something someone said, how they acted or the choices that they make,  I have long realized that I won’t ever completely understand people.

The problem comes when those words, actions or choices begin to affect me.  I try to be understanding and remember that people are probably asking the very same thing about me, but I still sometimes end up frustrated.

Recently, however, I’ve been struck with the realization that Jesus often contended with frustrating people too. Despite the flannelgraph stories that I have in my head where all is tranquil, in reality, Jesus had to deal with people who:

  • gossiped about Him
  • questioned Him
  • doubted Him
  • mocked Him

and eventually killed Him.

Yet instead of frustratingly lashing out at how ridiculous they were being, He

  • corrected them
  • taught them
  • helped them
  • loved them

and ultimately sacrificed Himself for them.

People’s response didn’t prohibit Christ from doing what God had called Him to do. Regardless of their actions, He focused on reflecting God’s glory. And so it should be for us.

After all, it is Christ that is at work in us.  And nothing can frustrate His purposes.


What do you think?