It’s not uncommon during this time of year for there to be a rapid spread of colds and flu bugs. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for this, but whatever the rational reason, anyone who works with large groups of people knows that the winter time seems to bring with a preponderance of germs. It’s an infectious time of year, and often we take go great lengths to make sure that we aren’t part of the unhealthy droves.

However, if we do get sick and catch a fever, one of the first things you’re likely to hear is “If you have a fever it’s a good sign, it means that you’re fighting the infection.” Now, having a fever is no fun so this may prove of little comfort, but perhaps people continue to say it because they want to point you to the days of health that appear to lie ahead. They know that the fever is the body’s response to a foreign invader and if your body is battling, that’s portends good things for your future.

In much the same way, sin infects our lives. And similarly, if we are fighting it, we should be feverish – meaning that there should be some signs that we are battling the infection. Too often, we know that there is something in our lives that is not glorifying God, and we promise ourselves that we will work on it, but anyone who’s looking at our lives wouldn’t see any difference. We’re still hanging with the same people, watching or listening to the same entertainment, or putting ourselves in the same compromising situation. There’s no indication that we are serious about conquering that particular viral strain of sin.

Maybe we would do well to take a lesson from those who are physically sick when engaging in this battle. Fighting sin is not easy or fun, but perhaps if put our eyes on the “better things” that lie ahead, we would consider the battle a good one. And we wouldn’t mind being a bit feverish.


What do you think?