Eyes Up

If you think about it, we spend a lot of time with our eyes in a downward position.

– When we’re sleeping

– When we’re praying

– When we’re laughing (for some of us)

– When we’re crying.

A lot of these times, the direction of our eyes signifies the focus of our hearts.

We’re sleeping to get the rest we need.

We’re praying to ask God for what we want.

We’re laughing at something that brings us joy.

We’re crying at something that brings us pain.

Not that these things are bad. After all, God graciously created our bodies so that we would rest. He obviously wants us to pray. At the same time, while doing these things often puts our eyes in a downward position, we are often encouraged in Scripture to lift our eyes up (See Psalm 121:1 for example.). Not to put the focus on the things of the world, but to lift them higher – to see where our Help to deal with the things of this world comes from. When we lift up our eyes to consider God and what He’s doing, our focus is no longer on ourselves. It’s on how He’s working, what He’s accomplishing and how He is using our lives for His glory. We see that we can not make it on our own and we need His help in order to do the things that He has called us to do.

And in another, very real way, lifting our eyes up shows that we anticipate that God will intervene. It’s a sign of expectation for what He will do, even if He has not done it yet. It demonstrates our reliance on His timing, even when it differs from our own.

Lifting our eyes up means our eyes as well as our hearts are focused on Him.

Right where they should be.



What do you think?