Everybody Hurts

“Life’s not fair.” This is a refrain with which we all familiar. It is likely that a parent or a teacher or a coach or somebody said these words to us at some point in our childhood. Depending on how old we are, we may have uttered them to somebody else. We have an innate desire for things to work out in a way that benefit us. Yet despite the fact that God is gracious and gives us more good things that we could ever deserve, in our moment of pain, we often neglect to recall His generosity and focus on the hurt that we are currently experiencing.

While there is some pain that we may never quite make sense of, Scripture tells us that there are at least two reasons that we suffer. Sometime we suffer because we are His and as God’s children, the forces of this world are diametrically opposed to us (John 15:18). Another reason that we suffer is because God is disciplining us. We’ve sinned and there are consequences for those rebellious actions (Hebrews 12:6). Sometimes, perhaps often times, the correction of our Father involves pain as He guides us back to a right relationship with Him.

However, I Peter 3:17 reminds us that while R.E.M was right and everybody does hurt sometimes, it is far better to suffer for the glory of God then as a result of His discipline. Jesus reminded us of this when, before healing the blind man, He stated that the reason for the man’s blindness was so that God could be glorified (John 9:1-3). Could you imagine the change of perspective that man had at the moment? Instead of seeing his blindness as a curse, it was an unique opportunity for God to use this man to draw others to Himself. In a way that few others could, this man could put God’s glory on display.

There is going to be pain in this life; we can be sure of that. However, may increasingly our pain not be as a result of God bringing us back to living a life that pleases Him, but may it used to bring others into a relationship with Him. May our aches and our cries be for the glory of the eternal King.

Everybody hurts, but not everyone suffers for Jesus’ sake. May we see our suffering for His sake as the privilege that it is.

Now it’s your turn…..how can we suffer well for Jesus?

What do you think?