One of my friends asks prospective employees where they keep their shoes. Basically she’s looking for an answer that is something other than “I just leave them wherever I last took them off.” The reason for this is that the jobs she’s hiring for usually require a high level of organization. She needs people who are detailed-oriented, not individuals who are too busy looking towards the next thing that they forget about the things that are happening now.

Sometimes, I tend to think of God as those people who kick off their shoes in the hallway. I trust Him for the big picture stuff, but neglect to remember that He’s focused on the details too. He’s arranging timelines, conversations and moments so that His will can be brought about. He’s numbered the hairs of our heads, so of course He cares about our daily struggles and fears. His eye is on us, not just for the long-term, but for each and every minute as well.

It’s comfort to serve this God – the One who holds my future and who holds my hand. Because no matter what I fear – the worries of today or the uncertainty of tomorrow – He’s taking care of all the details.


  1. So glad this caught my eye tonight. I’m flattered at the reference and quieted at the reminder that God is detail-oriented. Funny how that worked out!

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