Connect the Dots

It’s amazing the games that amuse us in childhood.

Starting with peek-a-boo and moving up to duck-duck-goose, seemingly simple (and sometimes silly) tasks can keep us occupy for hours.

One such activity is the game of the connect the dots. You’re given a sheet of paper with a smatter of numbered dots and the idea is to, in numerical order, draw lines between each point. When you are done, you’re greeted with a completed picture;  a picture that you probably couldn’t see at each point along the way.

Life is a lot like that, except, somehow, as we get older, we take less joy in each step, and want focus more on the final outcome. We concentrate on the end, and not the in-betweens. But rarely does God tell us that picture that He is painting with our lives. Rarely does He reveal what He’s using us to accomplish or the trajectory that He send us on. Instead, He asks us to go to the next point – to do the next right thing as someone once told me. And we trust, that in His time, we’ll see what He see – the beautiful picture that He’s using our lives to draw. We’ll see where each step lead, why each point was necessary, and the lessons He taught us in the in-betweens.

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