Bits & Pieces: Growth

As mentioned yesterday, this week I’m taking some time to share the most-read 2011 posts. Today, I’m sharing the posts on “Growth” which focuses on how are maturing in the Lord. Growing is always an interesting topic because no matter how much I do of it, there is always more that waits ahead! As we enter 2012, may it be a year of growth for all of us!

The most-read 2011 posts on “growth” were:


  • Place Yourself in God’s Hands – A reminder that we can’t just assign God control for the events of the day, we must give Him control of our response and our lives.


  • Generous to a Fault – Is it possible to give too much according to God? A post about abundant generosity.


  • Seeking Him – A reflection about the times when we make the foolish decision to seek the distribution of God’s kindness rather than the knowledge of His character.


May God continue to grow us in the days ahead!

~N.A. Winter

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