Bits & Pieces: Being Content

In keeping with end-of-the year traditions of reflection and contemplation, I wanted to share the most-read posts of 2011. My hope was that for those who may have missed previous posts, they may be encouraged by what has encouraged others. For those who have already read them, may God use them to further the work that He is doing in their lives.

For the next five days, I will share the most-read 2011 posts from each of the five categories that this blog focuses on: Being Content, Growth, Hope, Purpose, Relationships. As we look forward to 2012, may your hearts be drawn ever closer to our King!


The most-read 2011 posts about being content were:

  • Give Thanks First  – A lesson learned in sadness about the importance of starting with gratitude.


  • The Who and Not the What – A reminder that when we are content with our circumstances, we are really not content with our God.


  • To the Cross – When we are struggling with being content, we must not only look to the hope that is coming, but to the cross and what has already been accomplished on my behalf.

~N.A. Winter

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