Beauty Obsessed

There are girls who put make-up on in the middle of the day.

Really, there are.

Just like there are girls who change their hairstyles and their clothes multiple times throughout the day.

As you might imagine if you’ve read this far, I am not one of those girls.

But I’ve tried to be.

I’ve packed make-up into my purse, stored a hairbrush in my office, and try to get excited about changing into a different outfit at different times of the day, but I’m just not  motivated enough to stop whatever it is I’m working on to care about these things.

Yet I’m still obsessed with appearances.

As low-maintenance as I am, I still care about what people think of how I look, what I wear, and the manner I present myself.

When I should be obsessed with an entirely different type of beauty.

Instead of focusing on how I look, I should be focused on how I make Christ look.

Instead of being consumed with what I wear, I should be consumed with the fact that I’m covered in His blood.

Instead of caring about how I present myself, I should be concerned with how I’m presenting Him.

Because I shouldn’t be obsessed what making myself look good, I should be obsessed with displaying the beauty that already is – the beauty of Christ.

What do you think?……

How would life be different if you were more obsessed with God’s beauty?


What do you think?