Always Relevant

Working with college students, it’s a struggle to stay relevant. After all, they use words that I’ve never heard of. They refer to bands whose names aren’t even familiar. They’re pop culture references are completely different than mine.

Yet even in this struggle to stay current, there is one way that we can all stay relevant. As Simone Weil said “To be always relevant, you have to say things which are eternal.” In other words, in order to be relevant, you have to say things which transcend this present time. You have to focus on the things that are always true, in order to never be out-of-touch. And what we know is always true is the One who is Truth. What we know is always prescient, is the Person who never changes. We know that when we focus on Him who was before the creation of the world, and Who will be long after it is gone, we are focused on that which remains current even when time is no more.

And so the question becomes, are we always relevant? Do we spend our time talking about the things that will matter in the next life, or are we focused on the things that only matter in this? Are we busy doing those things that will build up treasures in Heaven, or are we amassing a fortune that will only exist on Earth? Are we consumed with building relationships that will last for eternity by sharing the Gospel with those who don’t know, or is our aim to only pursue those relationships that will benefit us while we still reside here? If we are focused on what is considered to be relevant in this life, it’s almost a certainty that it won’t be relevant in the next. And if it’s not relevant there, than it’s not worthy of our attention here.

May we focus on staying relevant, not for now, but for eternity.


  1. I love the break down of “being relevant.” It makes perfect sense and bring a lot of things into perspective to be put in a list that consists of two columns… Relevant of Not Relevant…

    (Here is to being completely Left sided… the only time I will say that! lol )

    1. Great idea Korri! I love the simplicity with which you stated that. We can segment our discussions, our thoughts, our actions so easily – and make sure we’re focused on what’s eternal!

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