(Almost) Everything I Need To Know

A popular book claims that All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. In it the author demonstrates that as kids we learned most of what we need to know about how we treat others and how we should act. The problem is applying these lessons as adults.

What I recently realized is that in a lot of ways, this is true for our Christian walk too. Specifically, I realized that many of the songs I learned as a kid still carried important truths that I sadly don’t regularly apply each and every day  So, although I’m sure this is not comprehensive, here’s a refresher of the truths we learned as kids:

  • This is the Day – Today is God’s day. Regardless of what happens in it, I need to “rejoice and be glad in Him.” Seemingly easy to do in preschool, but perhaps even more important to do as an adult. Recognizing that every day I live on this Earth is a day that God wants to accomplish something in my life makes every day a special day. Let’s celebrate and be thankful for God’s provision of today.


  • Deep and Wide – One of the reasons we have to celebrate regardless of what happens in our day – God’s immeasurable love. We can’t know the depths or the breadths of it, but we can rest in His love. If the day holds nothing else for us, it holds this truth – God’s love is flowing like a fountain and it is deeper and wider than we can ever day. Let us wash ourselves in His love today.


  • Beloved, Let us Love One Another – The best way to partake of God’s love – drink of His fountain and share it with others. Scripture specifically says that those who love God, will love others. Our ability to love others comes from our love of God. Therefore let us love God deeply and in doing so, love each other deeply too.


  • Rise and Shine – In all we do, whether in work or play, we have to get up, get going, and “give God the glory, glory.” Just as Noah built the ark at God’s command, even though he had never seen rain, so we must commit to doing what God has called us to do today, and in it honor Him. Our job is to put God’s goodness on display. We better get moving!

What truths about God did you learn as a kid?



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  1. Love this! I want to teach these to my Sunday School class! 🙂 Though they’re mostly boys and don’t enjoy singing… :/

    I also love “The B-I-B-L-E” and “Be Careful Little Eyes…”

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