Willing to Wonder

Traditionally, I’m not a fan of surprises. Perhaps this is because I learned early on in life that a lot of life was unexpected anyway, we didn’t need to go planning additional things to startle us. Or perhaps it’s because it’s my nature to plan things, and surprises, by definition, go contrary to that. Regardless of the reason, if there’s a chance I can find how what’s going to happen, I’ll take it, exchanging the thrill of the unexpected for the comfort of the known.

All this held true, until I met my husband. As I’ve written about previously, I’m married to a great guy… a great guy who is unbelievably creative and loves to surprise me.  And with my husband I can always trust that if he plans the surprise, it will be something I like. With him, surprises are a reason to get excited, rather than nervous. Surprises are an unexpected way to experience his love, rather than an unpleasant detour in life.

I’m learning that the same is true with my relationship with God.  I must be willing to sacrifice my comfort, so I can be amazed at how He works. I must be willing to give up the comfort of the known for the thrill of the unexpected. I must be willing to marvel at His majesty in exchange for the assurance of the common.

In the Bible, we see this principle illustrated frequently. One of my favorite examples of this is the young boy who gave up his food and Christ used it to feed a monstrous crowd (John 6:1-15). The boy didn’t know what Christ would do with his gift, but he gave up, and was willing to stand in wonderment as he saw Christ used it to bless others. He  trusted that however God would surprise them, it would be an expression of His love. Having that kind of faith – to give up what you have without being sure how or even if God will use it, is something every Christian should be striving after.

May we all be willing to give what we have back to God and be willing to stand in wonder as He uses it to further His kingdom.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to read -and be reminded-. I like to plan as well, I like to know, and like you, I would rather know and be at peace. But things don't work that way and God is working through my character to teach me how to wait in a peaceful heart, how to be silent and wonder what's next, knowing that it will be something for my good.
    Thanks again for your words!

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