The Question of Purpose

The question of purpose surrounds us. Whether it’s a best-selling book, a university marketing campaign, or the subject of the latest hit song or TV show, people wonder, and spend considerable time trying to figure out – “What am I here for?”

For the Christian, the “simple” answer is we exist to give God glory. But how do we do that? A song [affiliate link]by Chris August helps provide the answer. The artist sings “I’m giving my life to the only One who makes the moon reflect the sun. Every starry night, that was His design.” In other words, when creation does what it was created to do – when stars shine and the moon reflects the sun – it points us to the Designer. In a similar way, when we do that which we were created to do, our lives direct others to God. God did not accidentally make you an artist, or a skilled politician – but He has given you those abilities to be used by Him, for Him, in bringing about His purpose. When we use those talents, gifts, skills and opportunities that He has given us for that which pleases Him, rather than that which pleases us, we bring Him glory.

In a famous scene from “Chariots of Fire[affiliate link], Eric Liddell tells his sister “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.” Although his family wanted him to be a missionary, it was running that allowed his life to be a representation of a Christ on a much larger stage than he would have conceivably otherwise experienced. May each of us also run in such a way – in whatever arena God has uniquely gifted us – so that we might feel His pleasure, and so that we might please Him.

What do you think?